Meet the Artists


The Silver Scream FX LAB Team brings a dynamic set of skills to any project. The artists has been involved with projects such as Mandy, Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell, and Dear God No!

From practical effects make-up to costume and puppet building, our team is fully equipped to bring your concepts to life. See the artists' bios below and lists of specializations for an idea of their skill sets and past projects. 


Shane Morton

Practical effects, design and art direction, set design, fabrication, story board artist, parade float design, foam carving, sculpting, creature suit making, 3d painting, air brushing 

SHANE MORTON is the mad scientist behind the Silver Scream FX LAB. At the age of 3 Shane Morton saw King Kong (’33) and he has been a monster maker ever since. In over 2 decades as a professional in the horror business he has worked with such greats as Stan Winston studios and Rob Zombie. He has designed and built horror attractions and haunted houses all over the country, the Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse, being his biggest and best. You can see his recent film work in the indie, grindhouse hit Dear God No!, the upcoming Mandy, and on television with Adult Swim’s smash hit, Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell, where he was the Art Director of Hell and supplied special effects and make-ups. He is the producer, writer, director, and lead actor of The Silver Scream Spook Show, which has been running for over 6 years now with 50 episodes and over 100 performances.

Click Here for Shane’s Portfolio


Chris "Rotzo" Brown

Practical effects, puppet building, miniatures, costume and mascot building, mold making, fabrication, makeup FX, blood FX

CHRIS BROWN is a puppet builder, makeup effects and special FX artist, costume designer, costume constructor and sculptor widely viewed as a genius or madman. Since the mid-90’s, Chris has been frightening theatre companies around the country including CalShakes, The Santa Fe Opera Company, Dad’s Garage, Sensurround Stagings, The Georgia Shakespeare Festival, 7 Stages Theatre, The Shakespeare Tavern, The Center for Puppetry Arts, The Alliance Theatre and The Kennedy Center and is a 2004 fellowship recipient from the King Baudouin Foundation U.S. Cultural Exchange Program through which he worked with Theatre Froe Froe in Belgium.

Chris has also worked for Real Characters, Keith Bailey Productions, Jimmy Buffett, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, The Discovery Channel, How Stuff Works, The High Museum of Art, The Georgia Aquarium, Michael Curry Designs, Cirque du Soleil, Criss Angel, Disney-Pixar and The Walking Dead.

See Chris’ most recent work with creative partner Shane Morton in the upcoming film Frankenstein Created Bikers, and this July in the second season of Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell for Adult Swim!

Click Here for Chris’ Portfolio


Kevin Meaux

Practical effects, sculpting, mold making, air brushing, prop and mask making, practical effects, foam carving, creature suit making, fabrication

KEVIN MEAUX is a mask maker and special FX artist who left a career as a teacher and writer in order to start again as a monster maker. As a team member of the Silver Scream FX LAB, he has worked on projects like Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell, Budfoot, and Mandy.

He has also worked with the Silver Scream team to build extensive projects like the Six Flags Over Georgia Madeline Mendoza haunted house.   

Kevin has worked extensively as a mask and prop designer, and some of his work is available through the shop. His work has been featured in the Rod Serling Archive at the Bundy Museum of History and Art.   

Click Here for Kevin’s Portfolio


Other Team Members

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